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KARLAB is a team of specialists in digital characters making.

Our founders, Laurent Guittard & Ali Hamdan, have 18 years of experiences in the 3d industry and 10 years as characters specialists. They worked on some of the most successful animation movies of all time (Minions, Despicable Me 2&3, Pets...).

And since 2016, we have provided lookdev, sculpt, modeling, surfacing, body rig, facial rig, consulting, R&D, training, conferences... etc, to the best studios on some of the most known shows (League of Legends, Disney's Monsters at Work, Asterix & the magic potion...) .

Let us ask you a question.

Do you think it's better, easier or cheaper to build your own character team in your office ? Or to do it without any help from specialists ?...

A quality character needs a lot of technologies  and a lot of human experiences behind.

And it's exactly what our 5 years pipeline and team are.

We don't need 6 months of r&d to build a character pipeline, or 3 months of training to have an effective team.


WE ARE READY NOW to start tomorrow any kind of your character, to help your pipeline or your team. Not in 6 months, TOMORROW.

WE ARE HERE TO FREE YOU about the pressure and the worry to find qualified people, to have the best quality characters, to keep your budget, or to reach your deadlines.
That you can concentrate yourself on all other complex aspects of a digital production and having good images and numbers to show to everyone.


And at the end, you will save money, time and stress for a better quality.

With Karlab, you will enjoy again to work with digital characters.


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Pipeline & R&D by Ali
Clients Team Supervision by Laurent
Karlab's internal projects
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Because we are specialists for years in digital characters making.
.: 17 years
of experience !
.: 18 movies !
.: $ 4 billion at
the box office

Because we want to make accessible to all
the artistic and technical standards of Hollywood.

Experienced Consultants.
Appropriate solutions.
Supervising & Technical support.
Artists in remote or in your office.


The most economical and technically effective solution for you

taking care about:

.: the production constraints
.: the budget
.: the deadlines



Creative & technical step.
Cartoonish & realistic.

.: Complete character assets

.: sculpt design .: look dev
.: modeling .: texturing .: shading

......: fur .: body rig

........: facial rig

than 500
passed through
our hands


A little bit of history

Ali & Laurent met each other in the early days of their career, somewhere around 2004 at "Attitude Studio", a famous company in France at the time. Back then, Ali worked as a generalist and Technical Director, whereas Laurent specialized himself in Modeling and Surfacing.

Then, for more than a decade now, they crossed each other on many productions. They had the opportunity to add Rigging, Cfx, Fur, Lighting, Compositing and Supervision to their experience and skills.
Providing them an overarching view and a good understanding of the Production pipeline and workflow.

In the last years they met again in one of the biggest animation studios worldwide : ILLUMINATION, where they had the chance to work or supervise the characters of blockbuster movies, allowing them to reach a very high level of artistry and technique.

It was there, in the Minions house, after reaching the top of one of the "3d mountains" that they wanted to discover new "playgrounds" and to start their own adventure.
They decided to create a company specialized in what they knew the most : the CG characters, and to call it KARLAB (for Character Laboratory).

The journey started in early 2016, and we are happy to say that KARLAB met quickly a lot of success, supervising and creating many characters for the best french companies, and also foreign ones based in London, China or Scotland for example.


And there is a lot more coming, so stay tuned...


More About Us...

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You need an information, a costestimate or to apply for a job ?

Feel free to send a message with the formular .


You can also send an email to : contact@karlab.fr

Or write a letter to our offices:



Or take your chance by phone :
+33 6 81 37 02 84
+33 6 20 62 18 15

KARLAB Montpellier


672 rue du Mas de Verchant

34000 Montpellier FR


(opened the 17th august 2020)

17 rue de la Vanne

92120 Montrouge FR

(chez Regus/HQ, bat.11 6è etg)

& don’t miss any information

we are digital character specialists

The Team

At Karlab, the team spirit is the most important thing.
Because we know that anyone can need the others to surpass him or herself and can count on them to get the most out of him.

"With strength and honor" like a wise man said :)  
Because some projects are easier, while others are hard to achieve, we stand all together till the end to help and assist each other so that we can honor our contracts and satisfy our clients.

Actually, Karlab is:


- 1 Line Producer

- 9 modelers & facial shapers & surfacers
- 6 riggers
- 1 developer R&D and rigger
- 1 3D concept artist

- 1 2D concept artist
- 2 advisors & accountants

- 2 CEO mentors

& many many friends...

We would like to adress a big thank you to the Supamonk team for their big help at the beginning of the adventure.
We also thank Jacques Bled for his help, his patience and his understanding to change our collaboration with Illumination, allowing us to have a good start.
Thanks to Simon Thomas & the Mikros team for the beautifull opportunity they offered us and all the love they gave us.
And finally, a big big thank you to all the artists who worked with us and who help us to build something big that could matter more and more in the future.


Directeur Général : 


Bonjour tout le monde ! 


Chez Karlab, nous sommes en constante évolution et nous cherchons toujours à nous développer ! Nous sommes arrivés au moment où nous aurions besoin d’un Directeur Général pour qu’il/elle puisse apporter sa pierre à l’édifice de cette belle maison que nous aimons tant et l’emmener toujours plus loin ! 


Nous recherchons une personne qui : 

-a de l’expérience en management d’équipe (3 ans min.)

-a de l’expérience en gestion de production/finance (3min min.) dans le monde de la 3D et/ou audiovisuel

-a idéalement eu une expérience en tant que chef d’entreprise et/ou de gestion de studio

-adhère au concept d’entreprise libérée (agile, holacratie, opale…)

-a plein d’idées qu’il/elle rêve de réaliser


Nos bureaux se trouvent à Paris et Montpellier ainsi que prochainement à Lyon et Tenerife, avec une part de télétravail possible ! Si vous pensez correspondre, ou si avez une connaissance qui correspondrait au profil que nous recherchons alors n’hésitez pas à nous contacter par mail : recrutDG@karlab.fr



Send us your demo reel and linkedIn/CV  to: contact@karlab.fr

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